smortbagheifer (smortbagheifer) wrote,

The Downpour

We slide through the rain, four of us half-asleep in a heated car.

My left nostril burns, my right is plugged completely. Somehow my professor got me sick.

We've been driving for hours and my ass is starting to grow numb but somehow I'm still happy. It's been like that a lot, lately. Times when I would've felt depressed and alone last year are replaced by a warm contentment. This isn't to say there are no moments of fear. There are. Sometimes the old bleeds into the new, and my hands start to sweat and my head starts to hurt but it always fades.

I am relieved.

This year marks the beginning of my return. I've finally moved from the constantly devoured tail of the ouroboros to its hungry head. Confidence returns like an old friend and I realize that not everyone hates me. Some people, in fact, like me quite a bit. This is good.

I almost forgot how it feels to be healthy.

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